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In a galaxy not so far away... there was a pastor who had a crazy interest in collecting and making various movie props.

I don't make lightsabers, but I am a part of a number of Prop making forumns and know a number of saber builders that may be able to help you out, so feel free to ask. I do sell various lightsaber parts and accessories though and other movie props. For my Ebay sales click here Ebay

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Here are some of my creations and collections.

Lightsabers & Saber parts

Clan Sabers

Hard Surface Sabers

Luke & Obi Wan Sabers

Yoda, Qui Gon Jinn and Mace Windu Sabers

Darth Vader ROTJ Sabers

Luke V2 parts

Parts & Lightsaber Stands

Custom made Plaques for sale


Indiana Jones Props


Grail Diary

Cross of Coronado

Indy paintings for sale

Dr. Who Sonic Screwdrivers

Dr Who

Star Trek Bat'leths

Star Trek

Harry Potter Wands and Stands


Christian Relics

I am now selling the entire 14 foot shroud of Turin, the single and double facecloth of the Shroud of Turin, the Sudarium of Oviedo, the cross headboard called the Titulus Crucis, the Whip called a flagrum, first century replica of Roman Nails and Spearhead and authentic crown of thorns from Israel. Just click here Relics.


I am now selling the "Dual Chisel."

Other Interesting Links

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For my Ebay sales click here Ebay also click on "view seller's other items."

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