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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Cross of Coronado

This is a "solid Brass" Cross of Coronado prop replica based on the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade movie. It was hand made by an artist here in Indiana based on several cross references and only 3 were made. It weighs 3 pounds!! It is 8in x 6in 1/2in thick. It is antiqued to look like an antique gold prop that is hundreds of years old.

When exploring the deserts of the Four Corners region of the Southwest, a young Indy discovers a group of treasure hunters digging in a cave. They find this beautiful crucifix, which Indy then steals in the hopes of giving it to a museum. This Spanish style cross was named for the sixteenth century explorer Francisco Vazquez de Coronado who searched the American Southwest for the treasure-laden Seven Cities of Cibola. The back of this cross is based on the historic Cross of Justinian, the Byzantine Emperor. The engraving mentions that within the artifact was contained a relic of the True Cross. The inscription is carefully copied from the original prop.

In the centre of the cross are custom-cut inlays set into deep grooves. The large inlay has a light blue marble patterned laminate shaped like the cross, not just cut pieces fitted in. This has inlay strips of "actual mother of pearl."

Mounted on each of the fours ends of the cross are three actual custom fitted whole "real" freshwater pearls."

Also, it has real custom-cut blue lace agate cabochon. The cabochon has a lower profile than the spherical pearls, just like the original prop. Around each pearl is a decorative recess, hand-painted with dark blue enamel.

The Body of Christ is firmly attached with a post to the cross.

The chain is a 5 foot "solid antique actual brass Rolo link," connected to the cross with a custom made brass jump ring.

Here is the above cross except "electroplated with 24 carat gold"!

This one is in a neat shadow box with a signature plaque

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