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Grail Diary

This is a prop replica of the Grail Diary from the Indiana Jones and The last Crusade movie. The diary has 240 printed pages from a laser jet printer and has at least 45 antiqued inserts. Quality leather is used and cotton 24 pound paper. Also used is actual "marbalized" paper for the front and back covers for the antique look. Linen thread is used and book making techniques for the binding including adding "head bands".

Various reference materials were used from many sources including Club OW

(cow, goat and sheep skin)

This is an "unweathered cover" with dark brown soft cowhide.

Here is the second one with dark brown soft cowhide and I weathered it

Here is another made with a hard light brown cowhide and weathered.

The one on the left is goat skin and on the right sheep skin

French marbalized paper is on the front and back covers

Here are some painted pages


A shipping envelope with brown paper, old sytle string, Venice stamps and stick on stamps and address label is used.

Included are the largest number of inserts on Ebay - 50

Anna Jones memorial card, 4 photos, Grail museum tag, Dr Jones Sr. lecture ticket, 7 tickets, purple dragon tavern paper, 8 currencies, 3 newspaper articles on news print, Venice post card with stamps, camel wrapper, 7 maps, 5 telegrams, Indy's birth certificate, publication list, excerpts from the Declaration of Independence, 4 letters, brown wrapping paper with address lable and 3 stamps and 3 black Italia Venezia stamps, Roman numeral paper, Prof. Jones Sr ID card. I even have the 5 inserted glued in pages toward the end of the diary written on different paper as stated in the diary when he was under guard.

Here is a grail tablet rubbing on tracing paper that I rub from an actual tablet. It is NOT a photo copy. Also here is a unique letter from Walter Donovan that is dated December 9th, 1937 that gives the translation of the tablet.

I sell plaques that fit in MR size plaque holders in an acrylic display case on acrylic book stands



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