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Picture of a grail onYoutube

My most recent creation:

The LED Grail

Here are 6 different styles I've made. (left to right) 1. "As is" with no leafing or primer 2. with gold leafing in bowl and primer 3. similiar to one of the props seen below with gold leafing, primer and gold patches 4. similiar to one used in the movie seen below with gold leafing, primer and patina and gold on the outside. 5. grey finish

I also made a museum tag and plaque

The above are modeled after these actual movie props.

Actual Grail Props

Here are ones with hand written Hebrew writing on them saying "the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit," according to a reference that is written in the Grail diary. They are fired after the writing is engraved in.


Here's a great Indy link below

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