Here are my Hard Surface sabers that I have made

I also sell the hard surface rods that you can turn on a lathe pictured below if you would like to try your hand at making your own saber.

The liquid is poured into a PVC pipe and after it solidifies and cools after reaching a temperature of 180 degrees it is removed from the PVC pipe and is approx. 11 inches long with a 2 inch diameter.

Here is a picture of actual Star Wars saber props that are made from molds with similiar resin material made by someone else.


This saber is made out of solid surface material and aluminum buttons, LED's and fins on the end.

My hard surface saber. The black rings are NOT rubber gaskets, but actually a part of the saber.

Group shot of some of my hard surface Sabers


From left to right: Aalya Secura / Barriss Offee, Adi Gallia / Bultar Swan / Shaak-Ti, Ki-Adi Mundi / Saesse Tiin , Obi Wan AOTC

The http links below are pictures of one of the sabere for someone and he got pictures of the saber with the actual actors at the recent Star Wars convention. Just copy them and paste the link.

My hard surface Aalya Secura / Barriss Offee


A hard surface creation with a removable emitter to convert it from a Aalya Secura to an Adi Gallia saber. It is also unique in that it is painted white.

My hard surface Adi Gallia / Bultar Swan / Shaak-Ti

My hard surface Obi Wan AOTC

My hard surface saber. The black rings are NOT rubber gaskets, but actually a part of the saber itself.

This one is chrome painted

Ki-Adi Mundi / Saesse Tiin


On Left is a not mine and is a machined Quinlan Vos and On Right is my hard surface one

Other sabers I made

Taken from designs on "The Light Saber" website of Count Dooku and Saesse Tiin

2 New creations

My Padawan saber

An actual movie prop

My Anakin apprentice saber

My Count Dooku Saber

My Dooku saber using 1/4 inch aluminum. I replaced the Dooku's blade and 3 gold pieces with metal. I also added a diamond patterned rubber gripping.

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