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Here are pictures and a list of saber accessory parts I can replicate. They are NOT molds of any MR parts. If you are interested in aquiring any parts please drop me a note Pastor Jedi

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Here is a Bronze cast Vader ROTJ lightsaber ball catch painted black. It takes a 6/32 screw. The ball part is not perfectly round underneath. It has some weight to it.

Cast from this one from the UK

I have parts for the Luke ROTJ V2 the knurled cone either with a fine straight pattern or a fine diamond pattern, D ring and correct fillister screw. You can see more pictures here V2

I have made threaded transistors for the Obi Wan ANH saber. They are more like the MR version than actual transistors. They can come with or without screws.

I now have triangle rings that are used on the Luke ROTJ saber. They are the same diameter as the MR version. They fit a drilled 8/32 hole. They are not welded and are nickle plated. I also sell the arrows and circuit cards. The arrows come in 2 sizes Small - 3.6mm Med. 4.6mm

The picture below are the small and medium arrows.

The one on the left is an 11 gauge stainless steel ring and the one on the right is a 10 gauge nickle plated ring

From Left to Right: Anakin ROTS, Obi Wan ROTS, C-3 Chip used on the Anakin saber at the Celebration of Star Wars Convention, Luke ROTJ Hero, Darth Vader ROTS, Obi Wan / Luke ROTJ Shared Stunt with 8 black stripes and the MR V2 one with 7 black stripes.

They are 2 inches long and the width varies depending on which lightsaber it goes to. Some are made to fit a Graflex clamp. Just ask which one will fit your design.
They are made of brass and are custom made. The printing has tecture through a process called sublimation. They also adhesive tape on the back for a secure fit.


I also sell the D rings for all the Luke ROTJ sabers

I also sell the longer levers that are on the MR Luke ROTJ lightsaber clamp

I also sell laser cut acrylic lightsaber stands that have 1, 2, and 3 tiers.

They are made from 3/8in thick acrylic, which is the same thickness as the Master Replicas mirror stands. They come with 1/4in acrylic rods.

An 1.5in x 3.5in plaque stand can sit in front of them without blocking the saber.

The 3 tier measures 6 3/4" long at the base, 5 1/4in at the highest point.

The 2 tier measures 3.5in tall at the tallest point x 5.5in wide at the base.

The single tier measures 3 3/8in at the base and 2 1/4in at the highest point

Acrylic laser cut plaque stands



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