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Page 2 contains my various attempts at the Obi Wan sabers: Apprentice, TPM, AOTC, ROTS and ANH. It also has my attempts at the various Luke ROTJ sabers used in the ROTJ movie. I just finished making my own metal parts for the Obi Wan ANH.

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I do not make and sell sabers, sorry.





My accomplishment thanks to the tutoring of Robiwon

I took a Rylo saber and installed working LED electronics that fit in the control box and are turned on and off with the black bar.

Here is my first attempt at an all aluminum turned Luke ROTJ V-2 saber. It has an actual Graflex clamp, copper circuit card, metal cone on the grip portion, a triangle ring and a green crystal in the emitter, of which the emitter screws off. The black portion is painted gloss black.

To see a run of V2 blanks I did click here V2



Here are my various Luke ROTJ Shared Stunt Saber Version

Reference Links

Luke ROTJ / Obi Wan saber

Various version of my Shared Stunt Saber

This one has a brass neck and a different circuit card


This is also called the Ben / Luke "Shared Stunt Saber"


Movie Prop

NASA lightsaber

Part of SW

This one has an actual copper neck and brass circuit card


Another version

Another version of the above saber. this has a 3/4in and 1/2in hole drilled that can be threaded to hold a blade.


My Luke ROTJ hero version

My Luke ROTJ 3 in 1 lightsaber that disassembles to make all 3 of the Luke ROTJ lightsaber and holds a threaded metal blade.


Another Luke ROTJ Hero version patterned after the MR Elite Edition. It has actual copper for the neck and control box panel. I custom made the control box with a solid aluminum block with a copper plate holding a metal circuit card. It also has red and green LED's, 2 brass screws and the black portion is metal too. It is removable.

It also disassembles

Three Obi Wan sabers I built

These are solid aluminum parts I recently finished to assemble my first all metal turned Obi Wan ANH saber as a "as first built" saber".

Here are 2 different type of transistor styles I make that go on the Graflex clamp.

This is my Obi Wan ANH put together before any painting. The Emitter screws off.

I decided to paint it flat black and brass color.

My second attempt at the Obi Wan ANH "as first built" saber. This one has an actual authentic brass wind vane that is threaded on the saber.

I modified my 2 aluminum Luke ROTJ and Obi Wan ANH sabers to be able to hold a threaded aluminum rod.

I am finished with my solid metal "weathered" Obi Wan ANH saber. It has machined transistors and even holds a threaded aluminum rod. I also added the 2 wire pieces that attach the Graflex clamp to the grip. The wind vane is brass.

My MR is on the right and my homemade one is on the left. I kept my emitter lighter in color. Also, the emitter on mine unscrews as well as the brass wind vane which is threaded on.


My 2 homemade Obi Wan ANH sabers. One is threaded for a rod.

Here is a great tutorial for weathering aluminum and brass weathering

I modified the above Obi Wan ANH weathered version with an actual threaded Cotton Powder wind vane. The neck is threaded.

Original wind vane


I converted the above OW ANH saber one to light up with blue LED's



My first attempt at a solid aluminum ROTS saber.

My second attempt at a solid turned aluminum Obi Wan ROTS saber. It has a real copper and brass neck and it comes apart.

Here's a comparison picture between an MR on top and mine on the bottom.

My first attempt at an Obi Wan solid aluminum apprentice saber.

My 2nd attempt at the Obi Wan Apprentice, except this one is "weathered."



My solid aluminum with brass emitter Obi Wan AOTC Arena saber





Some of my Hard Surface sabers

My Weathered saber with a Graflex clamp and metal transistors made out of hard surface material.


My Unweathered solid surface as first built with a Graflex clamp and metal transistors


Here is my first attempt at a solid "aluminum" Obi Wan TPM with the above mentioned cap. It breaks down into parts as seen in the picture.



Here is my second attempt at an Obi Wan TPM solid aluminum saber. I made 2 at the same time. It disassembles. The picture of the 3 sabers together has the MR Elite Edition in the middle of the two I made.


My Obi Wan ROTS hard surface with a real copper neck


My homemade hard surface Obi Wan Collection.



My Obi Wan TPM with a combination of metal and hard surface material with metal buttons.

This was an older attempt on a hard surface Obi Wan TPM that has a cap on the emitter.



I got the idea for a removable cap from this site: Removable cap

I make and sell the brass valve and stone on the Obi Wan TPM lightsaber. The blue stone is a precious stone called Lapis Lazuli which is only found in the middle east. It was thought to bring out the truth and give wisdom. It was also thought to have been on the High Priest Aaron's breastplate in the Old Testament.


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