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This is my page dedicated to the tragic life of Anakin Skywalker, who as a result of his fear, anger and thirst for power, turned to the dark side of the force. But later... he turned back... there was good in him afterall... The same could not be said of Count Dooku and Darth Sidious who met their tragic demise as a result of their deceitfulness and the quest for power.

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I am only able to sell a few parts for this lightsaber.


Vader ROTJ reference pictures

Parts of SW

Saber Vault

Vader Pics


My attempts at the Vader ROTJ where I replicated many of the parts in aluminum.

Included are: Emitter D ring assembly, emitter shroud with thumbscrew, ball catch, control box and sleeve, emitter cap with rod, port plug, Kobold style D ring and 7 allen head screws. I can also provide a diagram on where to place the parts and drill the holes. Also the core of the saber has an aluminum sleeve that all of the screws are threaded into. The emitter, shroud, sleeve, control box and ball catch are painted satin black.

This one is made from a stainless steel tube replicated after the original Graflex tube. This is the first one I made to hold a removable .5in aluminum rod as well as a partial rod.

Notice the solid aluminum core and aluminum sleeve.

I now use a threaded chrome port plug.

My newly constructed Vader ROTJ EL saber

EL tutorial

Barbican Vader Saber Reference Pictures


My parts and links 5 - 6

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